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The eternal now

Running this morning at dawn, back home in my woods, in Madison, I was overwhelmed by God’s voice: “Come back to me, my people. What have I done to offend you?”

First thing: theology

First stop on my around the world tour is the Catholic Theology Society of America's annual meeting in Miami.

Leaving home

Today I set off on a trip around the world. I am excited, but not without a bit of consternation. What did I bring, what did I forget, what will I find… so many things to worry about.

Giggling Girls

Returning to Ohio for just a few days, I look out the window as evening falls. It is Spring outside, and the daffodils are up.

Summer in High Gear

Summer is here in full swing now. Here at the lake, that means a very full schedule of doing just about nothing. All day, if you want.

Nascar Nation

Racing go carts at Goofy Golf is my nieces' and nephews' favorite activity, as you might guess from this photo. This is Nascar Nation.


Fishing. Another great summertime activity. This is my niece Megan fishing off the dock in front of her cottage on Lake Erie.

Front Porch Sitting

Whenever I get home to my mother's house in Wadworth, Ohio, we pass a lot of time sitting on the front porch.

Sand Castles

I have returned to the United States, and now have time for some important things in life... spending time with my family.

Kyle, On the Way

This is my nephew Kyle in the back of his father's Chevy Suburban. Kyle is 15. He is learning to play the guitar, and is fiddling around with my road guitar as we drive.

Brad and Karen Oldham and Family

My sister and her family.

the grand canyon—the end of the quest

Heading west until I came to the canyon,
I remember I didn't get here
A year ago. I was going to meet Kathleen here,
once more at this place before
she died.

Now in this place of timeless spirits
We were again together.

Having been called here,
I stayed long enough to reverence this place
and these memories
and this call
and this life..

Colorado: The Presentation of the Lord and after

This morning started in Denver at our novitiate. It is the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, from The Gospel of Luke 2:22-40.

the Eckarts

One of the reasons for driving out West is so that I could stop and see my sister Kathy and her family in Fort Collins, Colorado.

A Day on the Road

I started out from the Ashram in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on the shore of Lake Michigan.


The sunset Christmas day.

Christmas Vigil Mass, December 24, 1999

Sacred Heart Church, Wadsworth, Ohio