Correct Creed?


There seems to be some confusion at our church concerning the profession of faith. My question is: What is the proper Creed to be said at Mass and where is this noted in the GIRM [General Instruction of the Roman Missal]?

-Confused in Clearwater


Here are the specific numbers from the GIRM that speak about the creed or profession of faith:

Paragraph 16 states that this is part of the peoples participation;

Paragraph 43 states it is a way for people to give an assent to that which they have heard in the readings and the homily;

Paragraph 98 states that the Creed is said by the priest and people. All bow during "the power of the Holy Spirit" [all kneel on Christmas and the Annunciation].

The Directory for Masses with Children [DMC] 39 says that "children should become accustomed to the Nicene Creed little by little. The rite to use the Apostles Creed indicated in #49 remains intact."

DMC 49 says that the Apostles Creed may be used with children if the creed is read at the end of the liturgy of the word, "as part of their catechetical formation."

So as you can see from the above statements, there is no specific rubric that states which particular creed that should be used. The Apostles Creed is the older of the 2 creeds and has made "a come-back" lately, as I've heard some presiders ask the congregation to say it. As to why this is occurring, there is no explanation or directive from the US Bishops or Congregations in Rome.

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