I spent the day yesterday reworking the network in the house here in Istanbul. This is something that I do in just about every Dominican house I visit. The brothers have Internet but only here and you have to do this to get it to work and sometimes it just stops and we don't know why... the usual stuff.

Fortunately there are many electronic stores in this part of town and the technician that works in the school across the street is a friend of the community. He loaned us some tools and told us where to buy supplies. For about US$70 we bought another router, 50 meters of cable and a bag of RJ45 connectors, everything we need to bring an Internet connection upstairs and get Internet to the brother’s computers.

The walls of this convent are concrete and 18 inches thick. Fortunately we found a hole to the outside and chiseled some more space for another cable, because we did not want to try to drill through the walls. After about three hours of chiseling, wiring, cursing and sweating, we now have Internet where the computers are. Now if we could only get the Internet company to give us the speed they promised we would be cooking with gas!

Of course, as you can see from the photograph, there is no building code. You just run wires across the walls and staple them to the outside of the building here. A bad as this looks, it is actually neater than the previous setup (I say, feeling guilty about incriminating myself with poor workmanship by putting up a photo that proves it).


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