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21 Feb • The sign of Jonah

Jesus told the crowds that they will get no sign from him except the "sign of Jonah." Jonah tried to run from God until he spent three days in the belly of the whale. When he came out, he had a new conviction. Likewise, the apostles, after the resurrection, preached with a new conviction. May our preaching be as powerful.

9 Feb • Grace in the mess

Jesus healed a man who was deaf and mute by going off alone, sticking his fingers in the man's ears, spitting on his tongue, and groaning to heaven. Can we heal and be healed away from the spectacle but in the midst of the mess of life, because that is where we will find grace.

31 Jan • God is against war

In today's reading, King David sinned by ordering a census to count his soldiers in preparation for war. God punished him, giving him a choice between the inevitable fruits of war: famine, pestilence, and more war. Do we stand with God against war, and demand that our politicians work to end war, not extend it?