Which book carried in procession and by whom?


Which book of readings should be carried in the entrance procession: Lectionary, Book of the Gospels or both?
Who carrys the books in?-- Orderly in Orange


The General Instruction on the Roman Missal, 2002 makes it clear that each parish is to have and process in with a Book of the Gospels (see 120). If there is no deacon, a lector carries the Book of the Gospels in the opening procession. It is not carried out at the end of Mass. The Lectionary should be placed on the ambo before the liturgy begins.

The Book of the Gospels is placed on the altar if there is not a place of "enthronement."(Some parishes now have a place of dignity for the Book of the Gospel - see GIRM 175.)1975 GIRM 84). Please note: it does not specify standing upright or a special stand for it. In the new instructions, it mentions that the Book of the Gospels is placed in the center.

Also: one book processes in... but not out! The word has been absorbed. Just as we do not process out with the "gifts" ....we do not process out with the book.

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