When do the Communion Ministers receive?


What is the rule or edict on when the Communion Minister may receive communion at Mass?

--Requesting in Rochester


There is/are no rules or edicts which state[s ]when the communion minister is to receive communion. The General Instruction of the Roman Missal [GIRM] has directions for presbyters [priests] and deacons, but not for the extraordinary minister of communion. There are 2 reasons for this: the GIRM did not have the experience of lay ministers when it was promulgated. Secondly, it was seen as a document for pastors to implement. It also sees that priests and deacons should be giving communion in every parish and that extraordinary ministers are a rarity. [This comes from the Ceremonial of Bishops, another church document.

In the upcoming revision of the Sacramentary for the United States, the bishops of this country have requested and given directions in "Pastoral Notes for the United States." These notes have not been confirmed by the Congregation of Divine Worship in Rome yet. In these directives, it has the communion ministers receiving communion just after the priest does, before giving communion to the assembly.

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