What can deacons bless?


In our area we have a lot of deacons. It seems that they are blessing things that priests used to bless. What can they bless?Perplexed in Peoria


Our friend, Rita Thiron, in the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan, recently did research into this issue:

Most chapters offer an option for Outside Mass. A deacon may preside at most of the blessings in the book, EXCEPT the following. A blessing for:

Missionaries Sent to Proclaim the Gospel
New Seminary
New Religious House
New Baptistry or Font (he may, but only if a bishop or priest is not present)
Repository for Holy Oils
Episcopal or Presidential Chair
New Church Doors
New Cross for Veneration
Image of our Lord Jesus Christ
Image of the BVM
Images of the Saints
Articles for Liturgical Use (he may, but only if a bishop or priest is not present)
Chalice and Paten
Stations of the Cross
Blessing and Conferral of Scapular
Mothers on Mother's Day
Fathers on Father's Day
Welcoming of New Parishioners (Pastor only)
Departing Parishioners (Pastor only)
Those Receiving Ecclesial Honors (Bishop only)
Installation of a Pastor (Bishop or the priest which he delegates)

by Rita Thiron


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