Douay Bible?


I used to hear about this one type of "Catholic" bible when I was a child. It was the official Catholic bible. What ever happened to it and where did it come from?

--Dumbfounded in Denver


The Douai (also spelled Douay) Bible is an English translation of the sacred Scriptures that was originally prepared by the English College of Douai, Belgium. It was founded in 1568 and later located to Rheims, France. This is where the New Testament was completed and published and why it is often also called the Douai-Rheims Bible. This translation into English was made from the Latin Vulgate. This translation was done by Gregory Marin who died in 1582.

Newer translations of the bible do not invalidate this version. However, more recent scholarship has been done, especially by the Catholic Bible Association of the United States, giving a more accurate translation of the holy scriptures from the original texts of Hebrew and Greek into English.


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