Difference between blessings?


Our priest was not able to show up at the last minute to bless rosaries for our school students. He said that I could do it and he gave me a formula from the Book of Blessings. What is the difference between a blessing done by a priest and a blessing done by a lay person.

Betwixt in Boston


That of a lay person and that of a priest. The two blessings are different in that the people that give them are different. To give an example, some times the president of the united states does not show up, but still has a speech to give. His [or her] aid gives it. yet it's a speech on behalf of the president and not an official presidential address. An official presidential address is when the president gives it.

A parent may bless a child. It's a parental blessing of their child when the parent does it. When it is the priest giving a blessing, it's a priest giving a blessing of a child. Both are honored to have the privilege of blessing.

The Book of Blessings says which blessings may be given only by a priest, only by a deacon and those which lay people may give along with others who are ordained.


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