Consecrating a bakery?


Is it possible for a priest to go into a bakery and say the words of Jesus and then have tons of communion loaves?

--Believing in Biloxi


No! The Roman Catholic Church is quite clear in Canon Law and in its theology that the "words of institution" have to be said in the proper context and place. These words are used only within the Eucharist or the Mass. Additionally, it must be a "complete" Mass, that is, with "Introductory Rites, "Liturgy of the Word," complete Eucharistic Prayer, and "Concluding Rites." This is also why all need to be present and in attendance for the entire Eucharist/Mass - - the whole thing "counts."

For more information on this, read our very own Blessed Sacrament Father Paul Bernier's book, Rhythms of the Eucharist, on page 41 & 42.


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