Announcing Mass Intentions?


I've noticed as I have gone from church to church that many are not announcing the name of person for whom the Mass has been offered. Isn't this required by Canon Law?

--Announcing in Atlanta


There is nothing in Canon Law (cc.945-973) that requires the announcing of a Mass Stipend/Intention. Additionally, this is not addressed in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, 3rd edition (2002). All that is stated is that intentions must be recorded in a special book of intentions (number, amount, date of satisfaction) if one is a pastor, or in a personal record book, if one is not. It may be customary in some places, however, it does give the impression that the one who has "purchased" a Mass and that they are the "sponsor." It can become problematic, especially if people ask for refunds or want certain things announced that appear to advertize (i.e. that Sam's new restaurant be a success). Some have even objected when non-Catholic have a Mass intention announced (i.e. Princess Diana, Elvis). More and more, parishes are helping parishioners understand that the Mass is offered for everyone and that stipends or Mass intentions help support the priest's income.

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