A Trip to the Market

Out here at Kilometer 12, there are no stores, but there are many stands in front of people's houses selling crackers and drinks. There is also a large market where you can buy anything from cassette tapes to dried fish.

The people in the market are always friendly and ready to answer questions; "Is there anyone around who sells socks?" The people in the top photo stopped us when they saw my camera and asked to have their picture taken, a common event here. People love to have their picture taken here (Why do Americans hate it so much?).

I needed a pair of running shorts, so we headed deep into the market. Marmilliano, one of the brothers seeking to become a Dominican here, knew where the used clothes were. He is the tall on in the middle. The people along the left look like they are selling bars of soap and laundry detergent, and the red tub is full of course ground salt, sold in sandwich bags. In the foreground where you can't see, they are cooking food. On the left it smells like the public toilets (at least the area that is used for such).

Behind the vendors is the main road past the market. The water is pretty deep. No one dares to drive or walk through it. The land here is alternating sand and clay. Where it is sand, the water filters away and it is dry as a bone. Where it is clay, the water stays for a long time. This water is from a rain four days ago.

Glad I wasn't here during the rainy season when it rains every afternoon. The brothers tell me that life is rather hard then.