aspens in spring

June, but it is just spring in the mountains of Colorado. The new green leaves on the birch and aspen trees shine against the dark green of pines and spruce.

raindrops on clover All day clouds have been rolling up the canyon. We were supposed to have thunderstorms, and perhaps they are out in the plains, but here the mountains it has been a misty day. The tiny droplets collect on this clover, and in each one you can see reflected the entire world. Look closely and you can see me, wearing my cowboy hat. I am there in every drop of water on every tiny leaf, and every droplet reflects the entire world. It is good to slow down and walk in the clouds.

spring grass sprouting through old, dead grass On the bank of a stream new grass shoots through last year's straw—lightning bolts of green life bringing order to the chaos of death and decay. It has been a good retreat for me. I have a new insight into my life that will order the chaos that my day to day becomes: to love God with my whole being, and everything else will follow.