Mosaiko Cultural Center

Here is the courtyard of the Mosaiko Cultural Center, the place where I live and work here in Angola. Sort of boring, but I thought people might like the mundane things as well. Feel free to skip this post.

Notice how clean it is. This is an outdoor courtyard. Above you can see the netting that filters the sunlight so it is not so hot. The cleaning lady comes every day and sweeps and mops. You can see her broom. As in Nepal, brooms don't have any handles. You have to bend over to sweep. The same goes for the mopping. She just uses rags and bends over the whole time.

The door behind her is to the library. It is small for a library, about 7000 books, but it is a great collection in philosophy, ethics, and social sciences. It is also well used. Even though Mosaiko has no address and is hidden in the back of a bario, the library constantly has researchers. You can find its holdings listed online here, in case you want to stop by.

Next to the library is a small internet cafe, so that people can research on the internet as well. I say "cafe", but the only food is the water jug you see in the courtyard. But water is free!

See, I told you this one would be boring.