On Leaving Nepal

Today I am leaving Nepal. It has been a long time since I have been so sad.

It is as if someone close to me has died, and I will not see them for a very long time. All the little deaths that make up life, and today, they weigh heavy on me. I guess I am grateful for my sadness, that being in Boudha has touched me so profoundly in so short a time. Seven months is really not that long of time, but my life before Nepal seems to very far in the past.

These rootings and uprootings leave their marks. One would think I would be used to them by now, and perhaps I have some strategies for negotiating them, but they are still hard. And good.

I left my computer in Nepal, sold it to a friend there. All that I have from there is in my heart. In my person. I have changed, I am sure, but I can't quite see how yet. Perhaps when I get back the States, to places where I have been before, I will be able to see my differences in contrast. We'll see.

I know that I have not been good at keeping up with the blog lately. I was experiencing so much that I did not have time to sit down and write about it. But many things did I learn, and I will go back and add some posts for my time in Nepal for January through March.