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Jubilatio Celebration: The Morning

On Sunday, April 2, we had a huge celebration for the youth of the entire region, "Jubilatio," a part of the celebration of the Holy Year and the World Youth Day in Rome in August. However, parts of the local Jubilatio were planned in conjunction with people of other faiths and supported by a governement grant.

The BIG DAY began with a series of dialogues, topical group discussions. There were discussions on Beauty and Art, Interreligious Questions, Solidarity, and here Gabriel Nissim OP and Marie Marguerite Ancel lead the discussion on Faith.

Then the entire group processed from our meeting place (the downtown catholic school) to the cathedral for mass, carrying a painted cross and singing songs through the narrow streets.

 The cathedral was filled for the celebration,

 and a special choir was brought together under the direction of AndrĂ© Gouzes OP, the author of most of the Dominican liturgical music in France and the head of an institute of liturgy in the south of France.

 Afterwards, we marched back to the school for more conversation and FOOD! 

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