The Indian Market

As good as any farmers' market I have seen, anywhere in the world is the Indian Market in Nairobi. Fresh vegetables and fruits from all over the region are brought here to be sold every day. The default background are carrots from the market, but if you prefer, you could change it to red peppers or beans or none at all.

Br. Jeff Atika buys the produce for the community every Saturday at the market from the same vendor. What they don't have they get from the other vendors around them, and every item is negotiated with Mama. Here Mama laughs at Br. Jeff's ridiculously low offer on a three foot tall branch of bananas.

Are you from around here?

Br. Jeff also ministers with the people in this part of town and knows the children who hang around the market. They watch the truck for us we go in shopping and he gives them a bit of money. More importantly, though, he knows them and talks with them, and lets them know that someone cares about them. His ministry is basic evangelization.

This beautiful little girl was very glad to have her picture taken. Look around her, though. She is in the dump next to the market, searching through the rubbish for a bit a food still good enough to eat. There are perhaps 20 to 40 thousand homeless children on the streets of Nairobi who do this for their daily food and sleep in sacks at night. Few of them live to grow old.