High House School

"I lift up my eyes to the hills—from where will my help come?" (Ps 112) What can help Jamaica? How is God to save it?

Education, I think, has the best shot. Then Jamaicans can find their own best path forward. But there are a lot of things standing in the way of universal education. The photo is of a teacher in a ramshackle one room schoolhouse called "High House School." As you might notice, it was a bit hot, but she spoke with great passion about teaching and her students seemed quite happy and well behaved. It seems as if the only thing she needs to make her classroom work is a reasonable classroom, which is where Food For the Poor comes in.

High House School is getting a new school. Here is the teacher in front of it, along with some of the Food for the Poor speakers. She was so happy, so excited about the new school as she showed us around. It is almost ready to be opened. With dedicated teachers like this and a reasonable classroom, I think these students really have a chance.

In other areas, things are not quite as simple. We were originally going to the "Real Success Basic School," but there was gunshots and violence in the area, and we thought it better to go somewhere else. This is the reality people have to deal with... so many things stand in the way, but a least there are teachers like this one who will stand and do what she can come what may.