Fighting the Satellite Dish

I finally arrived in Angola. It feels strangely like home. Not much has changed in the two years since I have been here, except now it is the end of the rainy season. Hotter and wetter than last time I was here.

Here is what I have been doing all week; wrestling with this satellite dish. I brought new components from Rome to upgrade the speed and reliability. The old equipment is no longer supported. Of course, the new equipment doesn't work. At all.

I have disassembled and reassembled this "outdoor unit" at least twenty times, and the "indoor unit" at least thirty times. The photo is at the end of the day, as the light fades, and I am trying one more experiment. It failed. What a surprise.

The worst part is calling tech "support." All I can get form them is "Did you plug it in? Well it must work. Call us when it does." Thanks.

But all is not lost. Look what I found: We have new kittens! Amazing how much frustration from talking to useless tech support people holding a new-born kitten can erase. Tomorrow is another day.