European Union in Strasbourg

Here is the European Union Headquarters here in Strasbourg. The round tower on the left appears unfinished on purpose - to symbolize that the union itself is perpetually unfinished, always an imperfect unity which we must strive to improve. The right side is the beginning of a spectacular, graceful curve of glass which fronts two tributaries that come together at this point. The expance reflects the European Union Court of Human Rights and the European Parliment, each on their own bank of the converging waterways.
Inside the EU building is a street down the middle and a huge globe inside which is the main assembly hall. It is also connected to the Parliment building by a bridge which you can see on the right of the photo.

To the right is a photo of the street in front of the Dominican priory. The priory is on the right side of the photo and across the street is the University of Strasbourg.

and yes, spring is in full force.