Easter in the Navajo Nation

For Easter, I and two Dominican friends-John Allard and Mike Fones-headed out to the Navajo Nation in the American Southwest. We helped out at mission parishes. They can always use the help, especially at Easter time. I always enjoy going out there and spending time with the Navajo.

This is a photo of Window Rock, a huge hole in an otherwise daunting sandstone wall. Enough said.

John Allard used the Window Rock in his Easter homily, how the wall was like death, just there, and you can't get around it or over it. But there is this hole in it, and you can see through to the other side, and perhaps even pass through it. This is like the resurrection. It is very unexpected. Nobody expects there to be big holes in sandstone cliffs or resurrections. But here is one.

This is a photo of a cloud that drifted over the Window Rock. It looks like a coyote. John was the coyote this time. It was his first time to Navajo land, and he had the best homily. He fooled us all.