The Domininican Community in Arequipa

fr. Gregorio Chávez OP

Fr. Gregorio is the confessor of one of the two Dominican Monasteries here in Arequipa, Santa Rosa.

fr. Gregorio González OP
Br. Gregorio is a cooperative brother works with youth in a confirmation program in a local school run by Dominican sisters. He has been here since March and is the business manager for the community. He also takes classes at the University of St. Paul here in Arequipa in Peruvian identity (culture and history).

fr. Edulgerio Fernandez OP
Fr. Edulgerio is a deacon in the parish and has been here only since April. He also helps fr. Napoleon with the youth and young adult programs at St. Martin Parish in Paucarpata (on the outskirts of town).

fr. Rodolfo Luna OP
Fr. Rodolfo was just ordained in April and moved here to help in the parish and in the radio station San Martin. He has been producing radio programs since he was young.

fr. Hector Herrere OP
Fr. Hector is the director of Radio San Martin, a station run out of the priory here and broadcast 24 hours a day on AM and FM bands. He is also the chaplain for Santa Rosa.

fr. Angel Castro OP
Fr. Angel works full time as the prior of the community. He always has an angel sitting on his shoulder, and this one posed for the camera.