Dashain Swings

Dashain is the time in Nepal for families to come together, sharing food, and gifts, and all sorts of traditional activities. One of these is swinging on huge bamboo swings.

This particular swing was set on a steep hillside outside Chorepatan. Everyone took a turn on the swing; it brings good luck in the coming year (in my family it was eating sauerkraut on New Year's day that brought good luck). The swings are easily two or even three stories tall, so swinging out over the hillside gives a great view.

This woman has just finished pushing her daughters, who had been sitting and rather conservative in their height. She got on and showed them how it was really done-standing, with caution to the wind!

The swings are very fun and very communal. After Dashain, they all come down for another year, so there are many reasons to join in the fun while you can.


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