In the category of "pictures I wish I had so I could share" would be one of Deanna Wilson. Deanna lives in Jamaica at Martha's House, a home for abandoned children who are HIV positive.

Deanna has the heart of a dancer, but legs and feet that are permanently bent. She can only walk on her knees or the tops of her feet.

Food For the Poor built and sponsors the house, and I was with a group of preachers who raise money for Food For the Poor who stopped by to visit. One of the preachers brought his banjo and we sang with the children. What a joyful instrument the banjo is. Deanna loved the music and started to dance, pirouetting on her bare knees on the tile floor, her pretty purple skirt twirling about. She could lean back and get up on the tops of her feet and jump up in the air, bouncing to the music in a precarious balancing act, a huge smile on her beautiful face. Absolute joy.

Deanna reminded me that when your heart truly sings, your body has no choice but to dance however it can. I suppose I do not need a photograph to remember that. Deanna's dancing and smile are imprinted on my soul.